From sea to shining sea aboard 'The Canadian'

The Croft Magazine // A vast journey from Cape Breton (Nova Scotia) to Vancouver Island (British Columbia) saw a thief onboard and a dragon from Quebec.
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Review: ‘Music Theatre Bristol – Showcase 2021’ @ The Winston Theatre ★★★★

Gold glittered suits, Miss Trunchbull in a sports bra, ABBA, questionable American accents: it can only be musical theatre.
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A brief history of Pantomime

Christmas and Pantomime: it’s as traditional as pudding and tinsel. This great British institution has been enthralling public for the best part of 200 years. Curiously enough, it has its origin in the continental Europe and was not always confined to the winter holidays.
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Alumni Series: Interview with Tom Brandhorst

I’m sat in a Zoom room waiting for a Creative Director named Tom Brandhorst. He’s worked with Nike and Puma, written tweets as the Old Spice guy, and directed football games with Olivier Giroud and Marco Reus.
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Behind the picket lines: speaking to striking university staff

On 1-3 December, university staff who belong to the UCU (University and College Union) took industrial action over unresolved disputes concerning pay and the USS (Universities Superannuation Scheme) pension.
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