Founded in 2014, the Bristol Suspensions is a University of Bristol based, mixed A Cappella ensemble that has enthralled audiences with their slick renditions of popular songs and memorable beatboxing skills.
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Sordid secrets and political deception are laid bare in Gaslit

For those who imply there is a lost golden-era of benign politics, the bold and brilliant Gaslit shatters this erroneous perspective, emphasising corruption and deceit in Nixon's administration.
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A story of defiance in an age of racial injustice, Hairspray remains a highly relevant musical 15 years on

Hairspray (2007), was perhaps one of the most iconic film adaptations ever to come out of the Tinseltown, not purely for its star-studded cast, but the central theme which still resonates down the vista of time too.
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Stranger Things S4 Vol 2, though captivating, struggles to keep up with its momentum

Stranger Things, the nostalgically charming and action-packed Netflix sensation, has recently released its fourth season. Split into two volumes, Stranger Things has upkept the franchise’s high standards and expectations for the season 5 finale.
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Where The Crawdads Sing is a promising book to film adaptation sure to entertain

Part murder-mystery, part coming of age, Where the Crawdads Sing follows recluse Kya (or Marsh Girl as she’s infamously known in her small North Carolina town) as she learns of love, loss, and survival in her marshland home.
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