Review: Jumpers for Goalposts @ The Wardrobe Theatre

Bristol Old Vic Theatre School brought Tom Wells’ Jumpers For Goalposts to the Wardrobe Theatre for a performance as heartfelt as it was funny, as part of their fortnight-long Directors’ Festival.
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Balancing thought-provoking themes and dark humour, Wild Men is hard not to enjoy

Part comedy-drama, part crime thriller, Wild Men somehow manages to tie this range of genres together into a wholly enjoyable 104 minutes
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Review: Yard Act @ Trinity Centre

The energy at the Trinity Centre for Yard Act’s sold-out gig was electric - the old church transformed into a host for an entirely different congregation: the Bristol indie-rock scene.
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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is expectedly entertaining, yet fails to add anything new to an increasingly bloated franchise

Finally, after a six year wait, Marvel's 28th release reached our cinemas last week after three delays due. Benedict Cumberbatch once again fills the shoes of Steven Strange, but now with far more at stake, and Elizabeth Olsen, much to fans' delight, returns to play the antagonist
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Moon Knight's season finale sets high hopes for its second season

Marvel's Moon Knight, starring Oscar Isaac, has finally come to a close, ending its first season on a high note, with fans highly anticipating a second season
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The music of Heartstopper

Yasmin Attwood explores the importance of queer musical representation and rounds up the best songs from the Netflix hit.
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