Covid-19 Live Updates: Coronavirus at Bristol University

Updated February 9, 2021, 00:00 A.M. GMT

There have been at least 4,368,045 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK with another 2,763 cases as of Friday evening, according to Public Health England. Britain has the highest Covid-19 deaths in Europe.

Bristol University has established two coronavirus testing sites for students and staff on campus at the Victoria Rooms and on University Walk, as well as an additional testing site at University Hall in Stoke Bishop, BS9 1AR.

The mobile testing sites at University Walk and in Stoke Bishop are open from 10:30am to 3:30pm. The university provides self-administered rapid lateral flow tests, which can be booked directly at the test sites.

If you are self-isolating, visit the university website to learn about the support that is available to you. The University also says it will support students who need to isolate in any of its accommodations.

Face coverings

  • Students will need to wear a visor and a mask together, when attending any in-person teaching and when queuing outside rooms before teaching starts and when leaving rooms.
  • These will be made available to collect before the start of teaching from a number of central locations across the campus, with students able to book slots to receive theirs, via their faculty or school.
  • If a student attempts to attend their seminar without a face shield, they will be refused entry and advised to get one from a collection point on campus.
  • The University of Bristol has ordered 75,000 transparent plastic face visors for students and staff to wear during in-person teaching and in spaces around the campus.


This year, Bristol University is introducing ‘living circles’ for freshers in their first year accommodation, which will consist of 4-12 people in either a single flat, more than one single flat or a single floor of a Uni hall of residence.

This will prohibit anyone from outside one ‘living circle’ entering another, though freshers will still be allowed to meet up with others outside their ‘living circle’ though whilst adhering to social-distancing and other government guidelines.

For example, new rules set to be introduced on Monday 14 September, banning gatherings of more than six people, will have to be followed for as long as it’s in place.

Freshers are also being advised to social distance from their flatmates as much as possible for the first 14 days after arrival, in case someone develops Covid-19 symptoms within that time.

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