Lowri Lewis


Opinion | Students may not be experiencing lockdown's community spirit

Lockdown saw many of us connect with the communities in our home towns like never before - but these measures were also responsible for tearing Bristol’s student community apart. And even being back in the city will not be enough to repair it.
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Opinion | Students are their own worst enemy when it comes to housing conditions

Over the past month or so, second year students all over Bristol have been moving into the accommodation we arranged as freshers.
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Opinion | The University should actively encourage climate strikers in order to keep its word

The University of Bristol made headlines last year when it became the first UK University to declare a climate emergency. But is it doing everything in its power to ensure that these weren’t just empty words?
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Opinion: Bristol University should now work harder to enrol more BME students

Black students applying to the University of Bristol are over 10% less likely to receive an offer than white applicants. The urgency with which this issue needs to be addressed cannot be stressed enough.
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Opinion: Let's rid our streets of all Bristol's slave traders

It shouldn’t have taken brute force to remove the statue of Bristol’s most prominent slave trader. It’s not surprising that that’s how it happened, though.
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