Louie Bell

News Investigations Editor | 3rd Year Geography


Queen & Slim has its flaws, but is completely unmissable

Love and injustice collide in Melina Matsoukas’ new drama to produce a whirlwind of beauty and violence, but the film has blazing complexities that have generated controversy.
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2020 Onscreen

With 2020 just around the corner, our Film & TV Editorial team have compiled a list of the films and TV shows we are most looking forward to in the coming decade
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The Rise of Skywalker is a fun but empty end to the trilogy

J.J. Abrams brings the Star Wars sequel trilogy to a close with a nonsensical trip down memory lane that serves up a heap of fan service without really making much sense - but my inner 10-year-old had a great time
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European Cinema Night: System Crasher

Nora Fingscheidt’s fantastically explosive drama about a girl pushing the German social system to the edge is a devastating portrait of the effects on her family and the institutions who cannot cope with her.
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Political Films Editor's Picks

As the General Election draws near and politics is all around us, Film & TV's Editorial team have picked out our favourite pieces of political cinema to mix up your political intake
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Monos’ political commentary is an addition to an impressive rostra of famous fictions

Director Alejandro Landes’ psychedelic war drama pulses with teenage angst, exploring child soldiery through an immersive visual and audio experience that draws heavily from Lord of the Flies and Apocalypse Now (1979)
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Jordan Peele and the age of the ‘social thriller’

Jordan Peele's use of cinema as a form of social commentary has earned him a place amongst some of the most influential filmmakers of recent years. So - what is it that Peele has, which others lack?
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Brad Pitt's masterful performance makes Ad Astra one of the best recent sci-fi films

In Sci-Fi nowadays, it’s not easy to go where no film has gone before. Despite this, Director James Gray makes giant leaps with Ad Astra, an intelligent, masterfully-paced and visually-sumptuous sci-fi adventure that delivers an emotional and enticing story
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