Laura Aish

I am the Digital Editor for Film and Television at Epigram, alongside my PhD study at University of Bristol. I am also a freelance filmmaker, film tutor and photographer.


Will Smith's family-friendly comedy has lasted him through the years

Will Smith has been a household name for nearly 20 years. Characterised by his PG, goofy humour, and musical abilities, his fame has only grown exponentially over the years. He serves as an example of the ability for black stars to navigate genres and mediums with continued success
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Hidden gems of Bristol

Bristol is a beautiful city with many different areas to visit outside of the main campus. Why not use reading week as a chance to explore the city a bit more? Read on to discover some hidden gems around Bristol to help you get started.
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Destination Budget

Laura Aish discusses how the best way to travel on a student budget. She reveals her top tips on travelling cheaply, finding inexpensive accommodation, as well as some advice on how not to be a big spender whilst you are abroad.
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