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Opinion | Students should turn on their cameras in online classes

Dialling in to a Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate session to be greeted with a sea of black screens, bar the seminar tutor, isn’t the stuff of university prospectuses, but that’s become the reality of term two for many of us.
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Opinion | A different view on drugs and alcohol is needed now more than ever

Students, society and government don’t see the culture of drinking and illicit drugs as a priority when it comes to agenda. But as we look towards a second lockdown, it’s critical we talk about the issues and reframe our mind-set towards them.
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Opinion | Asking for fee reductions is unreasonable

With universities restarting teaching over the last few weeks, public discussion has reignited over the issue of whether students are truly getting value for money in ‘blended’ or fully virtual teaching, and whether fees should be reduced as a result.
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Opinion | Students might not be interested in data privacy, but we should be more vigilant

In 2019, it was found that British students spend 55 hours a week online – a figure that would likely have risen over lockdown. That’s about a third of our time providing data, accepting cookies and opening ourselves up to the internet and its forces. Shouldn’t we be more concerned by this?
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