Flora Pick


In conversation with The New America

We sat down with Bristol-based The New America and spoke about loving your city, even when a pandemic makes it seem terribly distant.
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SOPHIE: memories of a pioneer

On the 30th January 2021 there was a full moon in Athens, Greece. The pioneering and boundary-redefining artist SOPHIE died following a fall as she climbed up to get a better view.
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Shygirl - ‘ALIAS’ review

The London-based artist’s new EP is a breakneck haul through the imagined grime of clubs that now seem so far away, an absolute must-listen.
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Ex-Blue Mountain staff to open new, socially-distanced venue

Promoters who were previously associated with Bristol's Blue Mountain club, which closed in August, have announced an exciting new socially-distanced venue.
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A local Bristol legacy: In conversation with Sarah Records, 1987–1995

For indie kids of a certain age and persuasion, Sarah Records was it. An authentically scrappy underdog, releasing small records that made big waves.
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