Ellie Spenceley

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Coping with depression through lockdown

This year has been hard for us all. Having to adapt to a completely new normality has proven to be uncomfortable, difficult and oftentimes incredibly lonely. Ellie Spenceley shares her experience with depression through the recent lockdown.
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How do we deal with rape culture in a university environment?

Bold Voices is partnering with the UoB Intersectional Feminist Society this year. Our writer explores why such action is necessary to address the damaging rape culture that is pervasive in universities across the UK.
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Tracy Beaker is back!

Dani Harmer is back on screen to officially reprise her role as the iconic Tracy Beaker in a new show, My Mum Tracy Beaker
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Instagram likes: Notions of validation and appreciation in modern life

We’re so caught up in the digital world that we forget that it’s nothing but a rose-tinted reflection of the real one we have to live in each and every day.
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