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The Loovre - taking the piss?

Online Arts Editor Avital Carno reviews a new 'gallery', where new age pretentiousness serves as the butt of the joke.
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Muslim students receive 'Punish a Muslim day' letters

Muslims around the country, including University of Bristol students, have been receiving threatening Islamophobic letters.
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Marika Sherwood’s speech was deeply offensive and frighteningly anti-semitic

Epigram is an independent and neutral newspaper, aiming to publish opinions from across the student body. To respond with an
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'There's a fear that we're up against' - an interview with Stuart Milk

Deputy Arts Editor Avital Carno talks homophobia, human rights and Donald Trump with activist and Harvey Milk Foundation President Stuart Milk.
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WOMAN @ Hamilton House

A social and creative project, where different artists discuss and share ideas about violence against women through art.
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