The best pints in Bristol, for students


By Rosie Barden, Third-Year English

In light of the annual Oktoberfest, the greatest beer festival globally, it seems an appropriate time to consider where students can acquire the best pint in Bristol!

There are several vital elements to consider when deciding the ‘best’ pint for students; it needs to strike that perfect balance between great taste, cosy pub atmosphere and ultimately, it needs to be decently cheap.

The first pub I’ve considered is the well-known White Harte situated right by campus on Park Row. This pub is obviously great for students considering its location, you can easily grab a drink after a long day of lectures without going out of your way. The environment is inviting and cosy with its armchairs and warm lighting, and its colourful and trendy décor entices us as students. As well as this, they have a vast selection of different beers on tap and some delicious IPA cans which aren’t commonly found at student pubs. Most importantly, however, is the list of offers presented throughout the week, on both food and drink, meaning your bank account will also approve of you buying a pint here!

Pint at 'The Grace' The Croft / Rosie Barden

Next up is The Grace on Gloucester Road. I discovered this pub by chance and would highly recommend this venue if you are looking for a charming beer garden. The outdoor area is its main attraction; it’s a lively yet intimate atmosphere making it ideal if you don’t want to feel over-crowded. Every pint on the menu is less than a fiver, and they also have a wide selection of decently priced wines if that’s more your thing.

Lastly, if you’re interested in a great pub that has its own mini brewery, the King Street Brewhouse is certainly worth a visit. Found in the City Centre, it’s situated amongst some of the most historic and ornate architecture of Bristol’s Old City. Inside, you’re met with a quintessential pub atmosphere, but with a modern feel to it. Their pint selection is optimal and although a brew will cost you around the £5 mark, the fact that they offer brewery tours arguably makes it worthwhile! This pub promises authenticity as well as a truly delicious pint.

King Street Brewhouse The Croft / Rosie Barden

Featured image: Rosie Barden

So when's pint o'clock?