RuPaul returns with a whole new batch of queens for Drag Race UK Season 3


By Milan Perera, English & Community Engagement, Second Year

The wait is over. Mama Ru has crossed the pond once again in search of the next drag starlet to be whisked off to Tinseltown to be given the once in a lifetime opportunity of starring in their own digital series.

The much anticipated 3rd season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK may not be as polished as its US sister show, but its air of brashness and spontaneity make up for any shortcomings. While the American original is about power, authenticity, glamour and aura, the British spin-off is all about unashamed expression, wit and self-deprecation.

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Compared with Season 2 there is a marked lack of diversity with just one non-white contestant on the show, but in the meantime the current season broke new ground with the inclusion of their first cisgender female drag star.

There is a plethora of creative energy in the “werk room” where the contestants seem to push the boundaries even to the point of surrealism as seen with Victoria Scone when she appeared on the drag walk as a teapot accompanied with sandwiches. The healthy competition between the queens is guaranteed to make the Season sparkle with freshness and innovation.

The British cohort might look less sophisticated but is certainly funnier than its counterparts. One couldn’t help but laugh out loud when River Medway hit the drag walk with a traffic cone on her head while pointing constantly towards an unclear landmark!

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The twelve contestants hail from the length and breadth of Britain with ages ranging from 19 to 35. Some of the queens seem to have an upper hand on the show such as Ella Vaday who is a bona fide West End star. Lack of experience is no hindrance for a scintillating display as ably demonstrated by the 19-year-old Krystal Versace from Kent.

It’s show business as usual: challenges, innuendo, snark, lip-syncs, constant encouragement from the judges, including Michelle Visage and Graham Norton. Emotional backstories spill out, sometimes in a forced way, at other times with tenderness: River Medway’s mother recently died of Covid and Choriza May was suffering from loneliness. RuPaul remains a phenomenon with her undisputed charm coupled with a disarming candour. If what we’ve seen so far is anything to go by, we sure are in for a treat.

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