University of Bristol outlines teaching plans for the upcoming academic year


By Megan Evans, News Editor

In a University-wide email this morning, students have been told to expect in-person contact hours and to plan to be in Bristol for the autumn term.

Professor Tansy Jessop, Pro Vice Chancellor for Education, has issued an update to students on what to expect from the next academic year.

While the email contains no specifics on contact hours or courses, students have been told they ‘should plan to be here in Bristol to fully engage with your programme,’ with international students being offered support to get to the city.

The email sent to students this morning | Epigram

The email goes on to state that ‘some activities have proved to work well online, so we will ensure that the best elements of our online provision will still be available.’

There will be plans in place to ensure that the university can respond effectively to any Covid-related changes or new restrictions that may be enforced.

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The email also explains that while the university hopes to return to in-person extra-curricular activities as much as possible, there will still be opportunities to engage online.

Students can expect to hear further details of what to expect next academic year, in July.

Featured Image: Epigram / Will Charley

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