Back stage at FUZE 2021: colorful, diverse, inclusive, overall a great success ★★★★★


by Anjuli Vadera, Third year History

FUZE this year was exciting and glamorous. Considering the impact of COVID-19, the directors, producers, backstage crew and performers did incredibly well, producing a professional, interactive and engaging show.

Upon entering FUZE at Lakota gardens, my attention was immediately drawn to the cornucopia of colorful décor. I stood fully immersed in Stoke’s croft’s hidden Eden. The lush oasis in which we were seated could not have been more different to Turbo Island which I had passed only moments ago.

Giant butterflies, a glitzy disco ball and vivid green foliage framed the raised Dj decks. All attendees were (of course) dressed in Bristol’s finest.

After browsing the marketplace, we were ushered to our seats. Upbeat funk, neon lights and an agile pole dancer opened the show.

Image courtesy of @Scherryvisuals

Beautiful models dressed head to toe in silk, velvet, mesh, metallic, and bold prints graced the stage, organically blending into scenery, whilst synchronous sassy dancers strutted alongside.

To get more of an idea of what FUZE 2021 was all about we went backstage to chat to the performers and production crew about what Fuze means to them –

Overall, FUZE managed to create an immersive performance cleverly combining fashion, dance and music seamlessly.

Whilst the aesthetics and high-quality performances were impressive, FUZE 2021 was so much more than just a student fashion event. It was diverse, gender inclusive and forward-thinking, defying all societal constructs that usually define ‘beauty’.

Unapologetic self-expression, beautiful bold costumes, energetic performers and a rainbow cast of wonderfully eclectic individuals, in my opinion, sums up this year’s FUZE.

Image courtesy @alicesuttonphotographyc

Featured Image: Fuze Bristol / @alicesuttonphotography

What did you think of Fuze 2021?