Walk that walk; talk that talk - the extrovert in lockdown


By Isabel Aspey, Third Year, English

The Croft Magazine // Lockdown can be especially difficult when you are of an extroverted disposition. Isabel discusses how walking with a friend helps to socially energise her and offers some perfect spots to explore in Bristol.

If you are an extrovert, then you enjoy spending time with others and most of your energy is drawn from external sources. Therefore, lockdown plus extrovert is not the greatest combination.

Because of this, I have had to find new ways to interact with friends, and walking with others (socially distanced of course), has become a new hobby – beneficial for my extroverted energy.

I have compiled a list of the three best outdoor spots to visit. Exploring new areas is the perfect way to get to know your city better and to become closer to your friends; spending one-to-one time with someone is always rewarding, especially in beautiful outdoor settings!

Blaise Castle Estate

This location is slightly outside of Bristol city centre but it is only a 13-minute drive and a 28-minute cycle from Redland. What I love about Bristol is how close you are to the countryside, and this spot covers 650 acres so there is plenty of exploring to do.

Blaise Castle | Epigram / Isabel Aspey

I took this photo in summer - as you can probably tell from the blue skies – but it is still the perfect place for a lockdown walk in winter. It gets quite busy here at weekends so if you want to avoid the crowds it is probably best to go in the week.

Goat’s Gully

This is my favourite place to walk with friends in Bristol. It is just off the Downs so fairly close to where most students live.

Goat's Cully in daylight | Epigram / Isabel Aspey

It is a lovely quiet spot but quite tricky to find so I have attached a map to help you get there. This place has exceptional views of the river – as you can see from the photos – and is the perfect spot for a sunset Instagram snap. Make sure to look out for the two goats who live here!

Goat's Cully at sunset | Epigram / Isabel Aspey
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Easter Garden

Easter Garden is located near the top of the downs, in a secluded suburban area. My friends recently discovered this place on a lockdown walk and I make sure to go here weekly, as it is an ideal spot for a quick visit when you need to escape the perils of online learning. It was originally established – and now maintained – by the locals so you can feel some of the Bristolian spirit here.

Easter Garden | Epigram / Isabel Aspey

Featured image : Epigram / Isabel Aspey