The Croft’s Valentine’s virtual social events


By Orin Carlin, The Croft Editor

The Croft Magazine // Bored? Lonely? Isolated? Join in with The Croft’s online Valentine’s events this weekend in order to virtually escape from lockdown and meet some new people.

This weekend, The Croft is hosting two separate events to spread some love and celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s been a rocky start to 2021 and we could all do with a little extra joy at the minute! The events are for University of Bristol students who might be feeling bored or isolated in lockdown, or who perhaps have been cooped up with their flatmates and just want to meet some new people.

Each match is paired for five minutes but this can be extended to nine minutes if necessary. There is a max of 100 users per event, so please register on the Glimpse link provided via your uni email – and if you’re registering as a flat, only one person has to register.

Here are the links to register to participate:

Flatentine’s event
Saturday 13th February 4-5.30pm (Join as a flat)
Our first event is a brilliant opportunity for those who are currently in lockdown as a flat to virtually meet other flats. This is the ideal option if you’re looking for some friendly, platonic (non-romantic) company.

Valentine’s speed dating event
Sunday 14th February 4-5.30pm (Join as an individual for one-on-one matches)
Our second event is for those who have been desperately missing Tinder! If you fancy going on some one-on-one romantic speed dates, this is the option for you. Participants are able to select tags to indicate their preferred gender.

Participants can also enter our very exciting competition to win a £40 Deliveroo voucher. There are two up for grabs (one for Flatentine’s and one for Valentine’s). All participants have to do to enter is take a photo together (there’s a photobooth feature inbuilt in Glimpse), download it and submit it to The Croft here. We will then randomly choose two winners, one from the Flatentine’s event and one from the Valentine’s event to receive a £40 Deliveroo voucher.

Featured Image: Epigram / Olivia Tapper

Sounds great, right? Any questions, get in touch with The Croft by DMing us on Instagram.