New year, new me? The Croft editors share their resolutions


By Orin Carlin, The Croft Editor, Allegra Letts, The Croft Digital Editor and Freya Scott-Turner, The Croft Deputy Editor

The Croft Magazine // Still struggling to think of a resolution? Be inspired by our aims for 2021.

We did it! We survived 2020. It was no mean feat and we are now very excited for a fresh start. A whole new year is like a delicious blank page, what do you hope 2021 will bring?

Orin Carlin, The Croft Editor

Get back into painting

I used to moderately enjoy painting until my Fashion A-Level made me want to set fire to anything that I had ever produced. Deadlines, stress and a crippling ache for perfection were not a harmonious combination. And just like that, I renounced art and declared myself allergic to gouache. In lieu of shop-bought Christmas cards, (thanks lockdown!) I turned my hand to creating my own and not once did I feel the overwhelming urge to poke my eyes out with a paintbrush!

Epigram / Orin Carlin 

Allegra Letts, The Croft Digital Editor

Prioritising my wellbeing

Over the years, my resolutions have always been centred around scholastic or career-based achievements, regardless of my mental state. This year, I’m making a plan to prioritise my mental health on a daily basis by practising yoga, meditation, and aromatherapy.

Freya Scott-Turner, The Croft Deputy Editor

Boycotting Amazon

I recently came across an amazing wealth inequality graphic, made by web developer Matt Korostoff, in which every pixel represents $1,000. Scrolling to the end of Jeff Bezos’ pixel rectangle has left my thumb maimed and crippled, probably permanently. I’ve since resolved to be more mindful this year about where my money goes, and try and keep it circulating within my community!

Featured Image: Epigram / Orin Carlin

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