Night out safety


By Samantha Kilford, Second Year English

The Croft Magazine // While we're currently confined to our bedrooms, it's worth reminding ourselves of what we can do to try and keep safe on nights out when we're finally allowed back into Bristol's nightlife!

Plan ahead and stay together

Try to stick with a group of friends on nights out and if you do leave before them, make sure someone knows where you’re going, who you’re going with and arrange to check in with each other by text. It may be handy to ensure that your phone is fully charged before heading out or that you have a portable charger!

Epigram / Freya Scott-Turner

Similarly, stay alert. Unfortunately, spiking – the practice of adding drugs or substances to someone’s drink without their knowledge – can be rife in clubs and bars and can happen to both men and women. It’s done by criminals to commit crimes such as theft or sexual assault. Always keep your drink in your hand, never leave it unattended and avoid accepting drinks from strangers.

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Travel safely

Bristol SU has partnered with taxi firm V Cars to provide the Safe Car Scheme for students in emergencies or dangerous situations you need to get out of even if you have no cash at the time.

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To use the scheme, call 01179 25 26 26, quote the ‘Bristol University Safe Car Scheme’ and provide the operator with your full name, email address and Bristol University U-Card number. A taxi will be sent to your location as a matter of priority and will take you to the student residential address, halls of residence, police station or hospital you require. Bristol SU will guarantee the payment for you and they’ll be in touch to arrange paying it back.

Look after one another

If your friend has had one too many and can’t see straight, it’s important that they’re not left alone! That may mean sacrificing a few more hours of dancing to travel back with your drunken friend, holding their hair while they throw up lunchtime’s spaghetti into the toilet, but we’ve all been there and the alternative is far more dangerous. Also, do check up on them once you’ve put them to bed just in case and make sure they’re not sleeping on their backs!

Epigram / Orin Carlin

Remember that no means no

If you do happen to meet someone that you like out on the dancefloor and it looks like things might go further, remember that you can draw your own boundaries. Don’t feel pressured into doing anything you’re uncomfortable with and be firm. You are more than entitled to change your mind and there’s nothing to be ashamed of in saying no.

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