8 socially-distanced music events in Bristol this summer


By Flora Pick, Music Deputy Editor, and Lauren Paddison, Music Subeditor

In such strange times as these, it’s only natural to crave something akin to normalcy. Conventional live music events won’t be back on the table for a while yet, but fear not: the city is turning to more innovative prospects, ensuring students can still get their live music fix.

Lakota Gardens

18 July–15 Aug

Lakota Gardens are hosting outdoor events throughout the summer. While they may leave the true glory of the sesh to be desired, they still offer ample opportunity to drink away your maintenance loan with your mates.

Read the review from Epigram's Music Editor, Lucas Arthur, here.

Bridewell Beer Garden

17–18, 24–25 July, 1 Aug

Encased by buildings on all sides, with fairy lights haphazardly strung above the patron's heads, which lends some form of industrial ambience, Bridewell Beer Garden is another option in the vein of less music-centric occasions on offer that still allow for a boozy night out.

Blue Mountain Roof Top Terrace

17–19 July, 23–26 July, 30 July–2 Aug

Another socially distanced beer garden, this time with a flavour of DnB, Jungle and Dub classics. Anyone familiar with the venue’s smoking area will know that space is limited – and especially so when space is now an important requirement for an event to go ahead – so book quickly.

Drive In Rave

30 July–2 Aug

A car-based rave!  Featuring bass-laden sets from Kings of the Rollers and Eats Everything, this is sure to provide a unique experience by which to remember quarantine season. The location is currently unknown, but you can find more information here.

The Sky Orchestra

TBC - End of July

BAFTA award winning composer Dan Jones returns to his hometown at an unspecified date with an exciting project. For the first time since 2003, the Sky Orchestra is due to fly over the city.

Seven balloons hosting speakers are set to play an original composition for the event, featuring work by members of Bristol icons Massive Attack and Portishead. This one is not to be missed – and nor will you miss if you take a look upwards.

The event will feature members of Massive Attack and Portishead | Thierry Grobert

Pop-up Paradise

TBC – August

If you're the type to find the phrase ‘wellbeing day’ appealing, this might just be the event for you. Expect to see poetry recitals, folk music, cabaret and circus, safe in the knowledge that you're ingesting far fewer pathogens and illicit substances than during a week at Boomtown.


15 Aug, 30 Aug

It wouldn't be Covid season without plenty of handwaved ambiguities. With nobody knowing quite what the future holds, we can only offer the provisional dates for Motion's YARD open air club. Fingers crossed (but safety first).

Legends Festival and 80s vs 90s Festival

21–22 Aug

It’s the UK’s largest celebration of pop and rock – a whole weekend of anthems and club classics from tribute acts such as Killer Queen, ABBA Mania, and Absolute Bowie. Festival goers are encouraged to picnic and dance under the stars. If you want to break free, this is the perfect event to remember our last summer – we hope – of Covid-19.

If you choose to attend an event, stay safe and follow government advice.

Featured: Thierry Grobert / Lucas Arthur

Are you planning on attending a socially-distant music event this summer?