Applications open for BAME Affairs Correspondent


Epigram recognises the importance of centering BAME voices and facilitating opportunities for BAME issues to be highlighted in student media, in a way that reflects diversity permanently in its writers. As such, we are recruiting for a BAME Affairs Correspondent.

·  Your role will cover the topics and issues that speak to and represent Bristol’s BAME community.

·  This will involve exploring and investigating the issues faced by Bristol’s BAME students, which will entail conducting interviews, carrying out data research and writing up articles.

·  The aims for the position include holding the University and other relevant institutions to account, forming strong relationships with the BME Network and other relevant societies and ultimately keeping the issues faced by Bristol’s BAME students at the fore of student journalism, to keep the momentum for greater change to be enacted.

Apply here HERE.

Applications close on 16th July.