Bristruths launch Wellbeing Review to gather student experiences with Epigram support


By Patrick Sullivan, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The popular student-led group has a new submission site where students can post anonymous wellbeing experiences while at university.

On 10 February, Bristruths launched their Wellbeing Review campaign with a new submissions site specifically for ‘both positive and negative’ student experiences while at the University of Bristol. The anonymous responses will not be posted on their popular Facebook page, and instead delivered to University senior management to read.

The site will accept responses until the 24 February.

Epigram are supporting the review by having a separate submissions form which requires a university email address so that an editor can contact any individual and confirm their student status. Any student whose story is published by Epigram as a result of the review can remain anonymous to the public throughout.

In a Facebook post, the Bristruths admins said their Wellbeing Review was not intended ‘to try and draw a target on the University. We are looking for people to provide examples of where services have been a success, as well as constructive criticism where the University needs improvement.’

‘Importantly, we want these to be personal stories, something that can’t be told through boxes on a survey.’

The launch of the Bristruths Wellbeing Review comes soon after the results of the University’s own 2019 Mental Health and Wellbeing Survey revealed 22 per cent of students felt ‘often’ or ‘always’ lonely and 45 per cent of student responses suggested symptoms of depression. The survey, however, was only completed by 10 per cent of the student population, less than half the number who took part in the 2018 survey.

Featured image: Bristruths

Student support services include:
University Wellbeing Services
Young Minds 0808 802 5544
Papyrus 0800 068 41 41
Student Minds

Have you got a wellbeing experience you are happy to share?


Patrick Sullivan

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