Students ‘angry’ as blackboard goes down for five hours


By Maddy Russell, News Editor

Blackboard has started working again after being down all day

Students have expressed their frustration after the some of the University’s network services were inaccessible for five hours, after going down at 11am this morning.

In an email to students at 3pm today, the University's IT Operations Director confirmed that they were working with their hardware supplier to fix the service issues.

Speaking to Epigram, however, students have expressed their 'anger' towards the situation with many struggling to access their work as well as incoming essay and exam grades on blackboard.

Earlier today one final year Politics and Economics student complained to Epigram: ‘I think it is ridiculous that strikes are around the corner and our studies are being disrupted already.

‘We are paying £9250 a year and they can’t even keep our Wifi running nor our classes. I’m supposed to be getting some very important essay marks back today and I may not even be able to access them.’

Rob Hall, a third-year Mathematics student said: ‘I am incredibly angry that Blackboard has been down all day as it means I haven’t been able to get any work done. It has actually ruined my day.’

A third-year Law student also said: 'I am pretty outraged that Blackboard hasn't been working. I needed to get work done but haven't been able to access my required readings.'

Featured Image: Epigram/ Maddy Russell

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