'Sleep Pods' to be introduced for rough sleepers in Bristol


By Molly Pipe, First year Politics and Social Policy

Hundreds of 'sleep pods' are to be given away in the South-West, with money for the pods to be raised by a sold-out music festival.

The portable shelters will help rough sleepers to stay warm and dry at night. They are rainproof and windproof, and can be constructed with only 30 seconds' work.

Charity Sleep Pod was founded in 2018, and has since built 793 pods for people all over the UK.

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This follows a rise in rough sleeping of 165% since 2010. It costs £10,000 for 400 sleep pods.

Ian Ashby said: 'It has to be really easy to pack down and carry, very simple to use, very lightweight to use, and it's just to keep you warm at night, like a cross between a sleeping bag and a tent. You get in when you're ready to go to bed or just before.'

Featured image: Unsplash / Ev

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