Turkey with a side of revision


By Laura Aish, Film and TV Digital Editor

The Croft Magazine // Your box of Quality Street this Christmas deserves to be accompanied by Love Actually, not RePlay. Here are some tips on how to enjoy the Christmas break while still finding time for those looming exams.

Exams are coming up. Essays are due in. How can we make sure that we find a balance between our work/life ratio and not end up revising at the dinner table over the holiday period? Here’s our top tips to help you get started:

Getting organised

This can be really difficult for some of us, but setting goals and being organised about your study schedule can be crucial when trying to find balance. When it comes to goal setting techniques and study hacks, there isn’t a one size fits all approach – try out some different things and discover what works best for you.

For some people, having a journal or planner can be useful to schedule in specific times to study and helpful for keeping track tasks through writing to-do lists.

Keeping a journal or planner is a good way to organise your time | Epigram / Emma Holding

For others, utilizing different productivity apps can be extremely effective. There are plenty of free and easy to use productivity apps available out there specifically designed to help you be more productive. From note-taking, to-do lists, to scheduling, to platforms designed around team management. The list is endless!

I have personally found post-it notes to be very effective in my productivity – ok, hear me out – when I have a goal or a task that needs doing, writing it on a note and sticking it onto my wall besides my desk helps me to keep track of what needs doing. It sounds so simple, but for me it really works.

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This can apply to setting short-term goals and tasks, but also long-term goals. This helps me to remember why I am working on a project, the purpose behind specific tasks, and what I am working towards. Adding inspirational quotes can genuinely help boost your motivation as well. It means you work quicker and more effectively, and so have more time to take in those Christmas films.

Drastic measures

Sometimes it takes a little more to focus on your work. Social media apps on our phones are designed to get our attention – to interrupt what we are doing and demand our attention –moving your phone away from the immediate vicinity of your desk could also help you notice it less as well.

"Social media apps on our phones are designed to get our attention – to interrupt what we are doing and demand our attention" | Epigram / Emma Holding

Try putting it somewhere behind you on a shelf or counter. If it is further away from where you are working, and not so easy to pick up, this could potentially help it to be less of a distraction.

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Then, if all else fails, turning your internet off completely (with your family members’ permission!) whilst you focus on getting a task done can be very useful for some. There are also lots of fun and effective apps out there designed to restrict phone usage which could help you focus on the task you want to complete.

Finding balance

Most importantly, be kind to yourself and find time to relax. This is probably the most important thing to take away from this article. Make sure to take time to look after yourself and recharge over the holiday period. Set yourself times to work, but also schedule in time to relax. That’s something many of us too often forget – including me.

The most important thing to take away from this is to be kind to yourself and find time to relax | Epigram / Emma Holding

Make sure to do some of your favourite things – watch your favourite Christmas films or catch up on that television show you’ve been following. Talk to people. Friends. Family. Spend time with the people who make you feel good about yourself and laugh. Listen to music. Relax. Eat good food, and have fun. Also, if you find yourself becoming overwhelmed with the workload, make sure to share your concerns with someone you trust. Reach out to colleagues and classmates working on the same projects or who are also revising. Support each other.

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Work hard, but look after your wellbeing harder this holiday period.

Featured: Epigram / Emma Holding

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Laura Aish

I am the Digital Editor for Film and Television at Epigram, alongside my PhD study at University of Bristol. I am also a freelance filmmaker, film tutor and photographer.