A Southville street art hall of fame


By Livi Player, Arts Editor

Bristol remains one of the UK's most artistic cities to visit, and taking a stroll around this wonderful city of ours needs no explanation as to why. With big names like Banksy dotted around Bristol, I wanted to welcome you to my personal favourites with this Southville street art hall of fame!

Artist Jody Thomas painted the climate change activist Greta Thunberg on a 50 foot high wall in Bristol
Louis Masai's mural emotionally draws attention to human impact on natural habitats - notice the plastic Tesco bags
Caro Pepe's mural to the suffragette movement celebrated 100 years since women got the vote
Greek artist Insane51 paints images which, when looked at through 3D glasses, shows both a woman and a skeleton 
This collaboration between Nuno Viegas and Tymon De Laat show a man with his arm outstreched throwing a nozzle of a spray can 

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Next time you're stuck for something to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon, need a study break, or even want to show off our city when your parents are down, take a stroll around Southville. With its constantly changing rotations of street art, there might be something new for you to see!

Featured image credit: Livi Player

Have you visited Southville before? What Bristol street art would make your hall of fame?