A Thanksgiving letter to curve loving designer Sally Mansfield


By Daisy Lacey, Fourth Year Comparative Literatures and Cultures

The Croft Magazine // Thanks for the comfort and curvy confidence!

For the past 15 years of my existence, I have been both blessed and cursed with ample bosoms. So ample in fact that my own crazy grandmother thought it would be very witty to christen them Alice and Maude. They have always taken a significant proportion of my income and confidence.

I have always envied the females who can swan about and save their money on bras and look good in tight-fitting cropped or bardot tops with no bra strap in sight. My dream has always been to #freethenipple without Alice and Maude swinging around like they’re attached to Newton’s cradle. I have longed to look good going bra-free whilst maintaining my high standards of presentation. As a self-confessed fashion fanatic, the hunt was to find a t-shirt that I could wear without a bra.

Sally Mansfield, owner of Manners LDN, set up her company after spending time in Asia and keeping in contact with tailors who made her a bespoke wardrobe. She is a curvaceous lady, who shared my struggles, and took the initiative to set up her own company where she could sell the perfect basics for curvy ladies at a reasonable cost.

All the clothes sold by Manners LDN are made with thick cotton jersey in a variety of styles. This seemed like standard bodycon clothing to my cynical eye and after reading their seemingly crazy assertions about bra-free clothing, I was desperate to put their claims to the test.

This is my thanks to Sally Mansfield who finally enabled me to #freethenipple comfortably and stylishly. I would also like to thank her for reducing my expenditure on bras and for the excellent value for money. My biggest thanks however, is that wearing a top from Manners London has given me such a confidence boost, after caging my bosoms up for over 15 years I can finally go bra-free.

I hope this thanksgiving brings Miss Sally Mansfield, who recently appeared on Dragons’ Den, much prosperity and an increase in business. The Dragons certainly missed the mark with this company; Peter Jones needs to do some research into his disappointing claim that plus-size fashion brands are flooding the market. I hope Manners London becomes a household name for women of all shapes and sizes, allowing everyone to parade around in comfy, stretchy, cotton essentials without a care in the world.

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