Puzzles Solutions: Issue 342


By Kezi James, Puzzles Editor

Halloween Fill-in Crossword


Cryptic Crossword


5. King likes green vegetable after the fact (7): Richard

6. Splitting the atom can be a nuisance. Made clear if you look in the right places (7): Nuclear

12. Mike pulls a revolver on Oscar. It’s his greatest work (6,4): MagnumOpus

13. Outlaw stringed instrument (5): Banjo

15. A rope is twisted to make a rather shrill sound (5): Opera

16.  Fits as tightly as a flower? (8): Foxglove

17. Flightless bird has a fruity flavour (4): Kiwi

18. Boast about special garb put on backwards (4): Brag


1. Manufacturer taken to court over tainted batch of anti-git oil (10): Litigation

2. High flier is hard to ingest (7): Swallow

3. Mirroring edit tool is on the rise (4): Tide

4. Spooky presence at the Lough (5): Ghoul

7. Manuscript containing alternative grains (5): Malts

8. Swimming with lone whale can be a trick or treat situation (9): Halloween

9. Strong current from Hampshire (3): Amp

10. Plumber has to renovate. He has a new tap due (6): Update

11. Pop band using barium backwards and forwards (4): Abba

14. Take a seat to reassess your direction (4): East

16. Use to store a fresh red fig (6): Fridge

Featured image: Epigram / Ruby Rosenthal

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