Live review/The Bluetones @ Trinity Centre


By Poppy Bingham, Second Year Music

The Bluetones bring dynamic energy, classic Britpop sounds and perfectly timed dad jokes to the Trinity Centre as they continue their UK tour with a stop in Bristol.

Fresh out of Galway, Ireland, Clockworks opened the show to a surprisingly large and effervescent crowd, keen to arrive early to see the support. The four-piece are certainly rising stars in the indie and punk scenes, having recently been signed by Alan McGee, former Oasis boss.Their killer bass lines, rugged sound and semi-spoken vocalscreate an in-your-face racket and charged atmosphere - a perfect way to prepare the crowd and kick off the evening.

The Bluetones treated the audience to two separate sets with an interval at the halfway point, an unusual but refreshing setup. The first half of the gig, as promised, was a full run-down of their 3rd album, Science & Nature. Hearing the album live and in full was eye-opening. It was clear to see the many musical influences from other genres, such as Folk, Country, Funk and Blues, all with a nostalgic 90s edge. The variation from track to track made the experience especially engaging, and emphasised how the album stands out as an exceptional work. The band also sported a comedic costume choice, performing dressed as scientists during this section, however, appearing more like science teachers.

Poppy Bingham/Epigram

The second half of the show featured a selection of the band’s hits, including some of their most popular tracks like Slight Return, Cut Some Rug and Bluetonic. This section tended to have a more rock ‘n’ roll feel, with the crowd also becoming much more energetic. The performance was supplemented with witty jokes, improvised songs and charismatic British sarcasm which transferred into their music, and was cemented by frontman Mark Morriss’ ability to recover the lively mood after a fainter in the crowd!

Behind the creative stand-up and humorous interludes, The Bluetones still sound true to themselves, and the quality of their music continues to be very impressive. The band seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves on stage, embodying an enthusiastic energy and living up to their reputation as animated and passionate performers. This show is definitely an unmissable experience for indie and Britpop fans.

Featured Image: Poppy Bingham/Epigram

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