MTB Showcase @ Bristol SU ★★★★


by Dulcie Godfrey, Second Year English

Returning for another year, Musical Theatre Bristol delivered a very high calibre of student talent.

Another year, another fabulous Musical Theatre Bristol Showcase. The triple-threat show – singing, dancing, and acting – offers pieces from eight musicals, presenting some of the best performers Bristol has to offer and demonstrating the impressive talent of all casts involved.

The show held everything from classics such as Company and Sweet Charity to childhood favourites like Mary Poppins and Billy Elliot. MTB’s annual show also offers a piece from the beloved film Mean Girls, a section from cult classic Heathers and then a few scenes from the sinister Sweeney Todd. Together, they produce a show full of variety and excitement.

The Act One standout had to be Heathers. This was no small feat: Alice Smethurst as Veronica Sawyer presented incredible vocals while Charlotte Bartholomew flawlessly played ‘mythic bitch’ Heather Chandler, oozing the expected sass and power of this iconic character.

On stage | Laura Travis

Billy Elliot’s powerful opening of ‘The Stars Look Down’ from the coal miners with their children looking on was unexpectedly moving, before the tone was then lifted by the comedy and entertainment of tutus and pointed toes in the energetic ‘Shine’. Mary Poppins’ ‘Step in Time’ sustained this energy and offered a vibrant performance, but perhaps missed a trick by not including the childhood favourite songs. Company and Sweet Charity on the other hand offered the beloved and expected songs. Sweeney Todd was highly successful in transforming the mood - Tommy Guest as Sweeney himself was a standout performance.

On stage | Laura Travis

Mean Girls in Act Two was everything you wanted it to be. The comedic timing from Cady Heron, played by Aoife Beer, provoked many well-deserved laughs. The finishing number Six demonstrated the expert skill of all the cast with the powerful girl band, choreography and direction from Julia Zervos deserving huge amounts of credit. Franny McGirr’s breath-taking solo in the inspiring final song was a perfect way to end an amazing show.

Mean Girls in Act Two was everything you wanted it to be.

Everything from the costumes and set design to the performers’ dancing and singing was polished and engaging. Showcase was a true testament to the hard work and talent of the entire team.

Featured: Laura Travis

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