Epigram’s Travel Photo Competition: the results


The Croft Magazine // Thank you for all your wonderful entries to our travel photo competition. It has been immensely difficult deciding the photos that deserve recognition and the standard was very high indeed. After a great deal of debate Epigram has eventually decided a winner as well as the highly commended and shortlisted photos! Congratulations to everyone who is featured below, and we hope everyone who entered keeps on taking inspiring and creative photos.


Daniel Harris (Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay)

A photo I took from a lighthouse, looking back into the seaside town of Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay.

Highly Commended

Emma Croggon (Dolomites, Italy)

View from Rifugio Nuvolau, Italy. Halfway through the Alta Via 1, we got up at 4 to see the sun rise up over the dolomites.

Emma Croggon (Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Iceland)

One of the best photos I captured on the ring road; every day I fight the urge to go back.

Emily Denney (River Ganges, India)

4am on the banks of the River Ganges, a lady sits washing her clothes while we watch the sunrise.

Sara Espinosa Rastoll (Venice, Italy)

Enjoyed a beautiful sunset whilst taking a walk along one of the city's fondamente as part of my Interrail trip.


Talhah Nesar (Hong Kong)

This picture was taken in Hong Kong- also known as the concrete jungle.

Patrick Metcalfe (Utah, USA)  

I couldn't resist having a crack at photographing the Milky Way in the dark skies near Bryce Canyon.

Elise Butcher (Glen Afric, South Africa)

Photos from volunteering at Glen Afric in South Africa. It was an amazing hands-on experience with such beautiful animals.

Serena Dodhia (Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania)  

Twisted trees and branches covered in moss in the rainforest at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro (2400m elevation).

Wilf Stoddart  (Amer, India)

These geometric wonders allowed Indian royals to descend into the waters to bathe.

Angel Bierce (Snowdonia, UK)

Featured Image credit: Unsplash / ShareGrid

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