Beat This Together: Eating Disorders Do Not Discriminate: The Untold 25%


By Ileana Daniel

The Croft Magazine // Beat This Together welcomes you on 14th November to their first talk of the academic year: Eating Disorders Do Not Discriminate: The Untold 25%.

Beat This Together is a university society dedicated to raising awareness and erasing the stigma surrounding eating disorders. We fundraise for Beat (the UK’s largest eating disorder charity) but also offer events throughout the year which aim to open up conversation about eating disorders - be that pottery painting and coffee mornings, or expert-lead talks and body confidence workshops.

In terms of the national discourse surrounding eating disorders, the experience had by men is often side-lined. Eating disorders are too often seen as female illnesses - we are hoping to quash this myth and shed some light on the ’untold 25%’ with our first talk of the year!

We have two fabulous speakers lined up for a talk that will be held at St Michaels Lecture Theatre at 7pm on 14th November; Dr Russell Delderfield from the University of Bradford, a  leading researcher in the relatively unexplored field of men and disordered eating, who will be explaining the all-important (but unspoken) ‘data gap’; and Danny Bowman, who, amongst other things, is the Vice Chair at MaleVoicED. Danny has spoken internationally about his eating disorder experience and hopes that he can help others by sharing his own lived experience.

We are really excited to have both speakers come and share their thoughts with us all and would like to encourage as many people as possible to attend- everybody is welcome and there will be a Q&A at the end. Tickets cost £2.50 for members, £5 for non-members; they can be bought through the link on the Facebook event page - hurry, as we only have limited spaces!

For more information about the talk or membership, please find us on Facebook at Beat This Together, or email

Photo Courtesy of Beat This Together

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