Preview/ Elvana @ O2 academy


By Dylan Morely, Third Year History

Elvana bring their distinctive twist on Nirvana classics to the Bristol O2 Academy this Saturday 9th November.

Providing a genuinely unique take on live music and performance, Elvana unashamedly revitalise Nirvana’s legendary discography, all behind the facade of Elvis inspired rock ‘n’ roll.

The Geordie four promise to deliver a mix of Elvis’ personas- relentless rock ‘n’ roll and occasionally tender ballads- all whilst paying homage to Nirvana’s grunge hits. Occasionally slipping in some Elvis classics such as ‘Hound Dog’ and ‘In the Ghetto’, Elvana cover all the bases. This seemingly peculiar mix really must be witnessed in person to appreciate entirely.

Frontman Danny Cobain, dressed like Elvis in his flamboyant heyday, is guaranteed to offer a new experience to his audience, one impossible to locate elsewhere. Expect Cobain to continuously interact with his crowd, creating an intimate and thrilling atmosphere. Elvana self-proclaim that they ‘give the band the front man it’s been missing since 1994’, and judging by their generally rapturous reception throughout Nirvana’s faithful following, they are not wrong.

Fresh from touring America and the entire UK, Elvana are not to be missed at a place like the O2. Bristol is offering one if its premier venues to these entertainers for a reason; they know what they are and they don’t disappoint.

Featured Image: Elvana/Facebook