Could working abroad enhance your CV?


By Camp America

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Gaining work experience abroad looks incredibly impressive on your CV. Programs like Camp America, immerse participants in another culture and allows them to gain important life skills; that employers actively look for in the workplace.

Camp America is a work abroad program, that sends thousands of young people every summer, to work at summer camps America. Participants come from all over the world, to work teaching a range of activities to kids.

Their team is heading to Bristol in November to find adventurous young people, who want to live and work; at what they call ‘the happiest job in the world’. They work with camps all over the US, from California to New York; and you don’t need qualifications to apply.

“Aside from practical experience, the confidence that these young people come out of the program with, is incredible,” explains Kerry McSweeney, Vice President of Camp America. “It pushes them out of their comfort zone and gives them a huge amount of responsibility, that they wouldn’t get, for example at an internship. It gives them so many skills and helps them to learn and become a well-rounded individual, as well as having lots of fun!”

'Camp America was a changing experience for me' - Ben Bloch

Taking part in the Camp America program helps young people gain 21st century skills such as; independence, responsibility, resilience, adaptability, leadership and teamwork and helps them to become more creative and a good problem solver.

Ben Bloch, a student at Bristol University, did the program three times:

Camp America was a life-changing experience for me. I had spent my life in a bubble at school, aware of the world around me, but not having experienced much of it. I flew out to camp four days after my final A-Level exam. I was someone who lacked confidence and I wasn’t sure where I fitted in the world. I spent three amazing summers at two Jewish underprivileged camps in Upstate New York.

'The staff were from all over the world' | Camp America / Ben Bloch

From the moment I arrived, the positivity and overwhelming spirit of camp completely entranced me. The staff were from all over the world and being with people who wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of campers and each other; gave me a feeling of purpose like I had never felt before.

I never saw myself living out in the woods on a lake, teaching kids; but the experience completely changed my perspective on the world. I met people from all over, with completely different life experiences to my own. It opened my eyes to the world around me and gave me the confidence to explore it.

It also boosted my own self-confidence - never in my life had I imagined myself leading over 100 campers and staff in silly songs every week, or hanging out in New York City on my days off, or travelling across the country from New York to San Francisco for 3 weeks. If you are thinking of spending your summer in the USA, just do it. Trust me. You will never be the same again.”

Find out more about Camp America at their upcoming Bristol event | Camp America

Camp America will be heading to Bristol in November; bringing US Camp Directors over for its Recruitment Fair! The event on the 8th of November, starting at 3pm, will be held at the Mercury Holland House Hotel and will give applicants the chance to get hired on the spot!

'Never in my life had I imagined myself leading over 100 campers and staff in silly songs every week' - Ben Bloch

US Camp Directors are looking for more international staff than ever before and applications are open now for summer 2020. You don’t need to be a student to apply, you just need to be over 18 by June 1st, 2020.

To find out more about Camp America and sign up to the Bristol event, click this link.

Get started on your application today and you could be living the American dream next summer!

Featured Image: Camp America / Ben Bloch

Find out more about Camp America and sign up by clicking here!