Marchers block roads near Triangle protesting Turkish military action


On Sunday 13 October, a group aiming to raise awareness of ongoing Turkish military action in Kurdish communities marched through central Bristol.

Traffic was halted on roads near the University of Bristol, such as Whiteladies Road and Queens Road, as a group of protestors marched to raise awareness of conflict in Turkey and Syria.

Shouting phrases such as ‘peace for the Kurds’ and ‘stop supporting genocide,’ the protestors started the demonstration outside BBC Bristol before making their way to Park Street, passing by the Victoria Rooms.

Co-organised by Bristol Kurdish Solidarity network and five other organisations, the protest comes after Turkey’s recent military action in the Rojava area in North Syria – home to a predominantly Kurdish community. According to the UN, approximately over 100,000 people have had to flee their homes as a result.

One protestor said to the crowd: ‘We supported you all the time and now you are leaving the land for Turkey to come and invade it. 200 people – innocent children, innocent men, innocent women – killed in two days. Is that nothing?’

Other demonstrations across the UK are also taking place, under the hashtag ‘#RiseUp4Rojava’. The march continued throughout the City Centre until 4pm.

Featured Image and video: Epigram / Benjamin Salmon

Did you come across the protests this Sunday afternoon?