Puzzles Solutions: Issue 340


By Kezi James, Puzzles Editor

Word Ladder Answers

Wills - Wilts - Tilts - Tiles - Files

Same Crossword Answers

Clues/Answers Set 1: Bristol Newbies


1) Engineer, famed for SS Great Britain, Clifton Suspension Bridge, and Temple Meads Station (6) Brunel

2) Nearby city and the name of the road supposedly with the longest row of independent shops (10) Gloucester

3) TV show following Bristol-based sixth-formers, 2007-13 (5) Skins

7) Sci-fi comedy, 2011, starring Bristol alumni Simon Pegg, after whom a theatre in the SU is named after (4) Paul

9) The University’s postgraduate students and academic staff are regarded as world class ________ (11) Researchers

11) River running through City Centre (4) Avon

13) Verb; to register for a university course (5) Enrol

15) Bristol based animation studio known for Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run (7) Aardman

16) Bristol Zoo is home to two rare red pandas, whose diet consists mainly of bamboo __(6) Shoots

17) Bristol Hippodrome is home to these traditional Christmas theatre shows (pl.) (10) Pantomimes

21) Low key Bristol music venue and pub, played by Coldplay and Kings of Leon early in their careers; US state (9) Louisiana

23) Welsh county the other side of the Severn Bridge (5) Gwent

25) Kaya Scodelario played this character in the answer to 3 (4) Effy


2) Bristolian slang for ‘very good’ (4,4) Gert Lush

4) The colour of Bristol’s signature glass (4) Blue

5) Former Prime Minister and the University’s longest standing Chancellor (9) Churchill

6) The name of Bristol’s cover market (2,5) St Nick’s

7) Avon & Somerset public service; first in UK to be connected to burglar alarms (6) Police

8) Adjective describing activities outside of university; ‘outside walls’ in Latin (10) Extramural

10) South Carolina swing dance, Bristol holds the only festival in the UK; common bird near South West waters (4) Shag

12) Neighbouring area to St Paul’s in Bristol; St ___ (5) Jude’s

14) The forename of JK Rowling, born in Yate, 12 miles northeast of Bristol (6) Joanne

18) In December, eight UoB students were ________ in London while protesting for climate change action (8) Arrested

19) Vast public green space between Clifton and Stoke Bishop (3,5) The Downs

20) Stoke Bishop first year accommodation (6,4) Badock Hall

22) Name of the Supreme Leader in the most 2015 and 2017 Star Wars films - Bristolian bodybuilder, David Prowse, was Darth Vader’s body in the original trilogy (5) Snoke

24) TV show, 2003-05, starring Bristol alumni David Walliams and Matt Lucas (6,7) Little Britain

Clues/Answers Set 2: Bristol Returners


1) Joyful University cleaner who received much love online last year (6) Herman

2) Stoke Bishop first year accommodation (5,5) Hiatt Baker

3) Clifton _____, a natural chamber occasionally turned into a cinema (5) Caves

7) The colour of the mountain resuscitated in February after three weeks of pre-death parties (4) Blue

9) University building renamed after itself in Summer 2019 (6,5) Senate House

11) Verb; your flatmate’s worst bathroom hobby; also the main activity of the Bristol Suspensions (4) Sing

13) Late opening pub with a dancefloor, The _____ Pig (5) Brass

15) Bristol students raised £1500 to send the answer to 1 on holiday to visit family in this country (7) Jamaica

16) Reptilian lounge in which Sports Night is celebrated (6) Lizard

17) Online learning environment requiring maintenance at your least convenient moments (10) Blackboard

21) Cheap campus-based cafe and greasy brunch spot, replaced in 2018 by new study centre (9) Refectory

23) _____ Rooms, SU gig venue (5) Anson

25) Riverside cider sold in half pints due to its lethal nature (abbr.) (3,1) Old B


2) House in Stokes Croft continually threatened; Broadway musical (8) Hamilton

4) Home of 10 before 10 and Exhibition cider; The ___ Tap (4) Cori

5) Harbourside independent cinema (9) Watershed

6) Triangle nightclub, host of BED (7) Gravity 7) The former name of the answer to 6 across (6) Bunker

8) Anonymous confessions page and UoB’s greatest advert (10) Bristruths

10) Lifestyle choice; long night, usually referring to drug or alcohol consumption (4) Sesh

12) ____ Island, a triangular patch of unexplainable land and 4am folklore in Stokes Croft (5) Turbo

14) Nightclub outside which England cricket hero, Ben Stokes, was arrested for affray (6) Mbargo

18) Greek chain of Bristol restaurants; rare late night, Michelin-worthy food(4,4) Taka Taka

19) U1 bus driver, famous on social media for their friendly persona (8) Miroslav

20) The inspiration for iconic Triangle kebab van appeared in 559 episodes of this long running soap opera (10) Neighbours

22) Unique pub-slash-bar-slash-club-slash-bowling-alley in City Centre; The _____ (5) Lanes

24) City Centre accommodation burned down in 2015 (7,6) Colston Street

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