First look: Black History Month event listings


By Bristol SU

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This year’s Black History Month programme has been pulled together by the student BME Network in collaboration with the Bristol SU events team and BME success programme.

Black History Month is essential in promoting community cohesion through the teaching, learning and exploration of Black history. The programme has been designed with this in mind.

Historian David Olusoga is returning to the Anson Rooms this year | Bristol SU

Building on the success of last year’s programme, which included a panel event with Munroe Bergdorf and The Slumflower on Being a Black Woman Creative, this year’s is the biggest yet with a long line up of events for students, staff and the local community taking place throughout October.

Some of the highlights include...

David Olusoga: We Need to Talk about Windrush

Friday 11 October, 6.30pm, Anson Rooms

The Windrush Scandal of 2018 didn't come out of nowhere. It is intricately connected to the history of post-war British politics and the longer histories of racism and empire.

In this talk Professor David Olusoga of the University of Manchester places the Windrush Scandal within the context of Black British History.

Being Black and Politically Active

Tuesday 29 October, 7pm, Anson Rooms

How do you overcome challenges when working in a public facing role? What barriers are you contending with? How do I struggle less to take up space?

With a focus on the city of Bristol, join panelists including Desmond Brown and Asher Craig in discussing politics, activism, and taking up space in political spheres as a Black individual.

Tickets are free!

Bristol SU is working with the BME Network and BME Success | Bristol SU

Pan-African Festival

Wednesday 30 October, 6pm, Anson Rooms

Join Bristol SU and all of the fantastic groups that have been involved in planning Black History Month in celebrating the end of a successful campaign, with food, fashion, performance and speeches.

The Pan-African Festival aims to celebrate and appreciate the rich and diverse culture that hails from the continent. Come bring together all the different aspects of culture, from music, fashion, and food, to performances and education on the hidden gem that is Africa.

The festival is showcased according to the vast regions within the continent:  North, East, West, Central, Southern Africa and the African Diaspora.

Food will be available from 6pm, with the show beginning at 7pm.
Events will take place throughout the month, with a number of different options available each week. The programme has been supported by Santander.

Tickets and full details of the Black History Month programme are available online.

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Which event are you most looking forward to?