Why I love BED Mondays


By Daisy Farrow, The Croft Editor

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With an immeasurable amount of clubs in Bristol, it can be hard to find a steadfast favourite. Each promise a night of vodka-fuelled fun. But in my opinion, there is one clear club event which prevails above them all.

As first year rolls on, the pile of leaflets from Freshers’ Fair advertising various different clubs has grown so high that you’ll end up using them as placemats for food, and - god forbid - if times are really tough, toilet paper. Everyone you meet will be inviting you to clubs that promise discounted drinks, a great environment, and the best music on the Triangle. It’s all the same.

But BED Mondays has all that and more. A ball pit, free fried chicken, themed nights every Monday, what more could you ask for from a club? The other club nights may entice you in with funny entrance stamps, colourful UV paint, or even tikka themed decor, but BED prevails. It is the only event that allows you tell your mum ‘Yes, I’m going to bed’ late on a Monday night, and really mean it.

Getting lost in the ball pit | BED / Daisy Farrow

Where else can you dance the night away to songs exclusively by Drake at a Drake x Great British Bake Off event? Or party in a room with a Louis Theroux documentary projected on the wall? What about eat free fried chicken in the smoking area at the end of the night? BED’s themed nights every Monday bring a whole new meaning to the term ‘authenticity’. Because, to me, there’s nothing more authentic than dancing to the best jungle mixes alongside an Ali G impersonator.

What’s more, BED Mondays are carefully curated by a group of people who know and love their audience - the crazed Bristol student, dying for another night out after taking Sunday off. After all, it was only last year that Bristol social media was demanding a Beyoncé themed night at everyone’s favourite club. And what did they go and do? Only bring us arguably one of the most iconic collabs ever - a Beyoncé v Rihanna night. They even went so far as to have a night dedicated to 21 Savage, a ‘Welcome Home’ party after he was told to leave the US. What other club night can you think of that would do something like that?

You'll never want to leave | BED / Daisy Farrow

Monday nights spent devouring free chicken in the smoking area, taking pics with Gordon Ramsay, or frolicking in the ball pit with your best friends are what uni was made for. Just don't lose your keys… or your phone… or your ID… it’s a nightmare looking for them amongst all those balls.

Photo courtesy of Bed Mondays

What's your favourite club night in Bristol?