Epigram are recruiting for its 2019/20 Editorial Team!


Fancy joining the editorial team of one of the UK's leading student publications? Epigram is looking for a Digital Food Editor, Student Sport Correspondent and Puzzles Editor for the new academic year.

Previous members of the team include Susanna Reid and James Landale, with many editors using their experience at Epigram in their new roles at the BBC, Sky News, The Times, The Independent, and ITV - to name a few.

Being on the editorial team of Epigram is an incredibly rewarding experience. General responsibilities will include commissioning and editing content, using multimedia platforms to enhance our readers' experience, and liasing with relevant bodies for your section.

Applications are open for the roles of Digital Food Editor, Student Sport Correspondent and Puzzles Editor. Full role descriptions below! 👇

Click HERE to apply. Applications close 12th September!


Student-friendly recipes, local restaurant reviews, and bar/cafe recommendations, Epigram Food aims to be a one-stop shop for the foodie haven that is Bristol! If you’re always trying the new openings around the city centre and fancy a taster in food journalism, a role in the Food team is what you need.

Digital Editor

  • Videos of easy recipes is a crucial element of this role, as well as exploring other ways to expand the Food section’s digital content, such as visiting local kitchens behind the scenes.
  • Also responsible for stylising and uploading articles to the website with plenty of attractive, original photos, polls, listicles, and more.


The main aim of the Sport section is to cover the most important stories of the student sport community: the team successes, individual awards, community engagement, and professional progression. There is a wider scope to include student opinions on the sporting world, but also catch up with University of Bristol alumni or local Bristol teams who are competing at the highest level.

Student Sport Correspondent

  • Correspondents should physically attend BUCS matches on Wednesday afternoons or Intramural sport and report on events in an engaging manner. This would include interviewing athletes, coaches and fans and may include photography.
  • The role would require organising and maintaining match reports, fixture and results lists and building professional relationships with the University’s sports teams. Correspondents will also be responsible for ensuring the Intramural section of the website is up-to-date.


A role for lovers of crosswords, codewords, sudokus, dot-to-dots, and more, the Puzzles section is filled out by students across campus during study breaks. The invention of original puzzles to fit in with wider Epigram coverage or popular culture is the main responsibility and the accuracy and functionality of them is crucially important.


  • Your role will be to create the exciting and varied brain teasers that appear in Epigram, design their layout in the paper and also online.