Brozen Bar dessert cocktails an ice-cool concept for sibling-led business


By Virginia Campbell, Food Editor

Once the first rays of sunshine begin to appear over British soil, you can be sure of two things. One, ice-cream trucks will be in abundance. Two, day drinking is deemed to be more than acceptable. What a joy then, to have somewhere that effortlessly combines the two, doing the hard work so that you don't have to.

Brozen Bar, an innovative enterprise from brothers Joe and Ben Edgerley on St Nicholas St, originally began as an ice cream parlour but later developed into a pioneering landmark when they decided to utilise their 'skill sets and knowledge [of] engineering, chemistry and cooking' and introduce alcohol to their liquid-nitrogen-smooth frozen treats.

My first cocktail was from their 'dessert cocktail' menu. Aptly named 'Rum, rum and raisin', it incorporated sherry and rum into Brozen's signature custard base, and was topped with plump, rum soaked raisins. It had a noticeable kick, balancing out the sweetness of the creamy custard base. The spirits used within each cocktail are of very high quality, and you can tell.

Following on from this, I indulged in their most popular ice-cream: raspberry made with coconut and oat milk. Whilst the lack of a strong raspberry kick was disappointing, it was undoubtedly creamy and highlighted why their slightly unconventional method of making ice-cream from custard frozen with liquid nitrogen was so fundamental to their success.

Perhaps the most defining feature of this bar, and what arguably sets it apart from the plethora of cocktails bars in and around Bristol, is the evident desire of the proprietors to share their knowledge and expertise. You cannot help being drawn in by the enthusiasm of the bar staff and the interactive science of the ice-cream making process.

Exciting developments are seemingly happening all the time. The range of masterclasses is soon to be expanding to include themes such as a 'Game of Thrones' masterclass, a 'Wizarding Masterclass' and even 'forager' based ones. Meanwhile, changes to the menu are constantly occurring as the masterminds behind the company exercise their curiosity and know-how.

The novelty of the place is exciting. There are plenty of good ice cream shops and bars around Bristol, but Brozen accomplishes both titles and promotes themselves further with their enthusiasm and schooling. It is an experience as much as a comestible adventure.

Featured Image Credit: Virginia Campbell / Epigram

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