Review/ Shura @ The Louisiana


By Francesca Frankis, Music Editor  

Shura returned to Bristol to offer a taste of what to expect from her upcoming new album, Forevher.

Play ‘Touch’ by Shura to a room of people and someone is bound to recognise it. Whilst Shura herself is perhaps less well known, her debut hit single, released a whole five years ago now, made its rounds through the indie music scene. The impression Shura has been making since it’s release fits well with the dreamy sound of that first track. Despite hibernating for a bit over the past few years, Shura is back with more music, which made its way to the Louisiana last week.

The Louisiana always makes for an intimate gig, and this was no exception. The crowd was eager from the start. As Shura casually emerged from the door, in some sort of biblical fashion a sea of people parted for her as she made her way up to the stage. She jumped straight in with ‘BRYLYNLDN’; a new dreamy electric track that encapsulated well how Shura’s sound has matured since her first album. Without hesitation the band eased into a performance of ‘Indecision’. Whilst the crowd did seem to enjoy the new track, they were instantly comforted by the familiar tune of a fan favourite, which ushered in a wave of movement.

Working her way through the songs of Nothing’s Real, her first and only album, Shura basked in the abundance of compliments shouted from the crowd, ’You’re so hot’, someone towards the back exclaimed towards the stage, ‘So are you!’ Shura responded with a smile. Seamlessly switching between keyboard and guitar, all while singing, it’s clear Shura’s musicianship is not to be messed with. ‘Make it Up’ signalled a loud cheer from the room and ‘What happened to us’ offered the perfect tune to sing along to.

Image: Francesca Frankis/Epigram

After a brief conversation with the crowd about playing tennis, the band moved onto a slightly broken down version of ‘Touch’, undoubtedly her track with the most notoriety. At this point Shura hopped off stage and began wading her way through the audience, reaching out to touch people as she softly spoke out the lyrics ‘I want to touch you but it’s too late’. It was a welcomed addition to the performance and some couldn't believe their luck as they budged their way towards her. Shura tested the waters with another one of her new tracks, ‘Religion (u can lay your hands on me)’. With a looped disco-esque saxophone on the backing track coupled with explosive drums, the tune was aptly accepted by the gig goers. Seeing us out for the night ‘White Light’ was blasted from the speakers and everyone sang along in unison.

The smooth dreamy sound created by Shura lends itself effortlessly to live performance. Her gig at the Louisiana confirmed her return to music was well worth the wait. If it’s anything to go by, I am anticipating the release of her sophomore album Forevher. Excited is an understatement.

Featured Image: Francesca Frankis / Epigram