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By Epigram Music

Epigram Music curate a playlist in celebration of World Music Day on the 21st of June.

Francesca Frankis, Music Editor

Jeff Buckley - 'Grace' on the BBC late show

It would be wrong if Jeff Buckley, an artist who fostered his early career through incredible live performances, wasn't on this list. This live rendition of his chart topping single expertly showcased his vocal ability; able to switch seamlessly between a classic rock style soft falsettos that are reminiscent of his Father Tim Buckley’s voice. Buckley is an artist with a passionate cult following, and this legacy was surely shaped by his incredible ability to pull a great performance out of the bag, every time.

Amy Winehouse - 'Stronger Than Me' on Jools Holland

Back in 2003 a young Amy Winehouse at the start of her career performed in a way that encapsulated the distinctive and unapologetic approach Winehouse had to her music. Fusing together elements of Jazz and hip hop, the sheer power of her voice was one of a kind, taking on a whole life of its own.Through the seemingly effortless changes in her contralto, Winehouse was able to convey a whole spectrum of emotion.

Mac DeMarco - 'Still Beating' and 'This Old Dog' A Takeaway Show

Mac DeMarco has earned his stripes over the past several years in the indie scene. This performance is perfectly matched to his laid back music and quirky character. Casually walking around the streets of Paris armed with just an acoustic guitar and he still absolutely nails it. Unfazed by the noise around him, rather it becomes an element of DeMarco’s performance. For me, this sums up well what world music day is all about; creating and sharing music for everyone to hear.

Joe Boyd, Digital Music Editor

Jimi Hendrix - 'Star Spangled Banner' at Woodstock

Hendrix’s infamous adaptation of the star-spangled banner at Woodstock 1969 is arguably one of the most controversial covers of the American national anthem. The use of a collection of distorted regressions to mimic the sounds of rockets and bombs as a protest to the Vietnam War at possibly the most famous festival ever held. Without question, if I could be at any live performance this would be it.

Kanye West - 'All Falls Down'

Kanye in his prime performing at Abbey Road, one of the most famous recording studios in the world, what’s not to love? This is the song that made me love Kanye for his open book approach to addressing the self-consciousness and insecurities that everyone experiences, coming from the mouth of seemingly the most arrogant man in hip-hop spoke volumes to me.

Lily Allen - ‘The Fear’

Lily Allen’s attitude is contagious, and I would be lying if I said her music has not  influenced the person I am today. I believe this song was before its time as a feminist anthem and although charting a number one, it has since not got the recognition it deserves for how great it is.

Guy Marcham, Deputy Music Editor

CHAI - 'N.E.O.'

Explosive Japanese rock band who blend energetic dance moves with anarchic takedowns of repressive misogyny and satirised beauty standards.  Possibly one of the most exciting and jubilant bands I’ve ever witnessed.

Tinariwen - 'Taqkal Tarha'

The robe adorned Malian desert blues act return to 2019 with a spiritual new song. A unifying and gently uplifting breath of fresh air in a world that seems rather hellbent on division.

Kikagaku Moyo - 'Dripping Sun'

This Japanese psychedelic rock band offer an exciting mix of acid folk, trance inducing whispers and a barrage of scorching riffs. As if Tame Impala were to journey across the Japanese Alps in search of spiritual release yet instead find themselves on an acid trip.

Will Snelling, Deputy Digital Music Editor

Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi

The most famous Joni Mitchell song, and that’s because it’s the best one. In this version Joni’s voice is deeper, with a rawer edge, which brings a whole new level of cool to the song. I’m not sure there’s a song with a funnier or more iconic first and last line either.

Curtis Mayfield - We’re a Winner

A stripped back, looser version of an Impressions classic, which sounds like an understated precursor to Move on Up. Its hard not to feel uplifted and optimistic after you’ve heard it. There’s even a spoken word interlude that’s actually not that bad. Strong ACAB vibe on this one too which is always good.

David Bowie - Stay

One of the most intense, menacing and funky Bowie songs, and this live performance just heightens the effect. Goes on a bit at 7 and a half minutes, but Earl Slick’s shredding is pretty captivating.

Featured Image: Epigram / Francesca Frankis

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