Exams end in disappointment as rooftop party became 'dangerous'


By Olivia Beatson, News Digital Editor

Bambalan has an estimated capacity of 400 people however 6,000 people expressed interest in the event on Facebook.

Students attending an end of exams rooftop party organised by Triple Cooked on Wednesday 5 June have labelled it 'dangerous' and 'appalling'.

The rooftop bar is believed to have a maximum capacity of 400 people, however 6,000 had clicked ‘interested’ on the event’s Facebook page.

Bristol student Finn McCoy, said: 'It was so crowded in the queue and people were almost fighting to keep their spot. It was pretty dangerous as people couldn't even move their arms - everyone was pressed up against each other.'

Students expressed their dismay on the Facebook event page

The event was not ticketed, and attendees were required to queue up outside the entrance and pay on the door.

Promoters Triple Cooked have defended their role in the incident, saying: 'As the event promoter our job is to book the venue and provide the music and production. Anything outside of that we have no direct control over.'

The party had been due to start at 4pm, however allegedly 'long' and 'dangerous' queues are said to have developed hours before opening.

'It needed to be ticketed at the bare minimum'
Katie Pritchard

Students at the event have told Epigram that the situation had started to become dangerous after attendees began to push and fight each other to hold their place in the queue.

'It had such a small capacity, it needed to be ticketed at the bare minimum' said Katie Pritchard, who was told by friends not to attend due to the long queues.

By 4.30pm the organisers had posted to the Facebook page alerting patrons that the card machines were not working, and they could only accept cash.

A spokesperson from Bambalan apologised for the running of event, saying: 'Going forward we’re reviewing our private hire policy to ensure that all events are ticketed in advance to manage numbers.'

Featured Image: Facebook / Triple Cooked

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