Three University affiliated staff receive Queen's Birthday honours


By Patrick Sullivan, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Two University professors and the director of Engine Shed were among those rewarded by the Queen in her Birthday honours list.

University of Bristol professors Graham Collingridge and Paul Bates, and Engine Shed Director Nick Sturge, have all received awards in this year’s Queen’s Birthday Honours which recognises the achievements of people across the UK.

Professor Collingridge is a Professor of Neuroscience and has been awarded a CBE for his services to neuroscience research. This follows his award in 2016 as one of three neuroscientists to be given the prestigious Brain Prize for their work on how memory functions.

Professor Collingridge, said: ‘I am delighted to receive this honour, which I believe is largely in recognition of the major advances made by members of the MRC Centre for Synaptic Plasticity in the former Department of Anatomy.  

‘Understanding synaptic plasticity is not only relevant to how we learn and remember but dysregulated synaptic plasticity is central to devastating brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, chronic pain and depression.’

Professor Paul Bates, a Professor of Hydrology and former Head of the School of Geographical Sciences (2013-17), has also been awarded a CBE for his services to flood risk management. His most famous work is the development of a computer model for predicting areas at risk from flooding, however Bates and his team also share the algorithms behind the model, which have been downloaded by over 1,600 researchers.

Professor Bates said: ‘I'm absolutely delighted to receive this award. The last 20 years has seen amazing advances in flood science and it has been a privilege to contribute to this. I've been very lucky to work with a group of fantastic PhD students and postdocs, and all of them have contributed hugely to the research that underpins this honour.’

‘This is not only a personal accolade but one for the University of Bristol and the team behind our work.’
Nick Sturge on his MBE award

Nick Sturge, Engine Shed Director, has been awarded an MBE for his services to the digital economy. Engine Shed is a hub and business incubator in Temple Meads for businesses, entrepreneurs, academics, and social innovators to collaborate. The project has been developed in partnership with the University, Bristol City Council, and the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership.

In September 2018, Engine Shed received a visit from Prince William as part of the launch of  a new mental health at work website. Sturge said: ‘I am honoured to have been recognised for the work I've had privilege of being able to do in the city that I care passionately about, the South West, and the wider UK economy. Only someone with a very vivid imagination could have predicted how the local tech sector has progressed over the last 10 years.

‘The University of Bristol has been very far-sighted in providing freedom to experiment with collaboration, partnerships, and a new model of economic development in Bristol and Bath, and I am proud to have been able to convene such a rich variety of partners to help make our city region a better place.

‘This is not only a personal accolade but one for the University of Bristol and the team behind our work.’

Featured Image credit: Epigram / Patrick Sullivan | Images courtesy of University of Bristol

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