PhotoSoc launch second Exposure magazine celebrating student work


By Patrick Sullivan, Co-Editor-in-Chief

A special launch event with live music commemorates the release of a 50 page publication featuring photography submitted to the society. The launch event will take place on Thursday 6th June at Hamilton House.

University of Bristol’s PhotoSoc have compiled 52 photos taken by students into their second edition of Exposure, their now annual magazine. The society have printed 100 copies and the final product is a high quality aesthetic and feel to match the featured content, for which it was a competitive process to be included.

The magazine can be purchased via the SU website, alongside tickets for the launch event. There are also limited copies of Exposure #1 available, the first edition which was released in March 2018.

UoB PhotoSoc / Lola Grainger

The launch event promises to be a not-quite-end-of-exams summer celebration for those involved or interested, teased on Facebook as a ‘multisensory environment unlike your Instagram scroll’. As well as an exhibition of the featured works, there will be live music from Sean Addicott; an experimental sound artist whose latest work is composed from the narrative of an insomniac, and DJ Sophie Redmond; who has produced a special set to complement the photography and is also founder-director of events business Red Room.

Exposure #2 has been a labour of love for magazine editor Denis Fradkin, third year Law, supported by India Matthews, third year History, during these tough final couple of months at the end of the academic year. Together they selected 52 photos from around 300 submissions, before arranging the order and position to produce a coherent, stylish product.

‘India and I were impressed with the general quality of the submissions,’ Fradkin said. ‘It was delightful to observe that some of the photographers took great consideration in interpreting their work consistent with the overall aim of the magazine to explore the convergence of form, texture, and theme beyond pure aesthetics.’

‘Double-timing revision with the digital arrangement was, to put it lightly, a challenge, further intensified by the responsibility to plan, organise, and market the launch event at a zero net cost.

‘Nonetheless, I found it a highly rewarding experience in testing the limits of my foresight and productivity.

‘Presenting this one-off event unlike any other in Bristol that we’ve come across, our expectations are nothing but a clean slate. Towards the end, we plan to speed things up with Sophie jumping back on the decks with some smooth electro to send off our guests into whatever night Stokes Croft holds for them thereafter. ¡Adelante!’

Tickets for the launch and preorders for 'Exposure #2' are available now via the Bristol SU website.

Featured Image credit: UoB Photosoc / Denis Fradkin (cover), Dominic Richard Palubiski (photo)

Will you be checking out the student photography in Exposure?

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