Review: Dangun


By Hannah Worthington & Gabi Spiro, former Epigram editors

Bristol is abundant with plates from different cultures, chains, and independents. However for students, the restaurants we visit do not usually extend beyond the circumference of BS6-8. Trekking down Park Street and crossing into the BS1 vicinity is Dangun, a Korean eatery nestled on St. Nicholas Street. This is a food spot that you must make the effort to get to.

Dangun's entrance, with order at the bar service
  1. Take a menu
  2. Find a table
  3. Order at the bar
  4. Help yourself to drinks
  5. Sit back and relax

Is a pretty spot on ethos of how this modern-casual asian food spot runs. The restaurant is small, seating about 20-30, yet it was full of local Bristolians.

Keen to try a range of their food, we opted for seaweed, endame beans and fermented cabbage as small plates to start. Just £2 a pop, or a fiver for three, these are a hot bargain. The endame came lightly salted, the cabbage served cold (traditionally) and the seaweed was stacked, lightly grilled. The Kimche, a cabbage coated in a musty homemade spice was the winner of this trio, and it was all homemade.

As a side, we also grabbed the Veggie dumplings - though Vegan and chicken are also available. These pastry cases were the BEST dish of our meal, combining a sticky sauce with crispy tonkatsu shavings and spring onion. Boiled and then grilled for the best flavour, you have to try these!

Veggie dumplings. Delicious

Our mains (just £8, I repeat £8), were also top knotch. Gabi opted for the Tofu yellow curry noodles which were packed with flavour. The portions are not too big that you can afford to have all of the tasties on the side. The curry was served with a zest of lime, peppers, coriander, and a crispy onion topping. If you're not a lover of spice however, do not opt for this dish - it does have a kick.

Tofu yellow curry

My prawn deopbap rice bowl was served completely raw from seasoning. The friendly Kieran on front of house suggested applying their homemade soy or chilli sauces to the dish. Common to Korean dining, eaters can mix up their own levels of spice; you can simply style this colourful dish exactly the way you like it. Most impressively, each dish (small plates, sides and our mains), were served within minutes of each other, only about 10 minutes after placing our order at the bar. The service, and value for money, was truly exceptional.

Deopbap bowl which can be Vegan as Mushroom, Tofu, or for meat eaters, Beef and chicken are also options.

Students - make the effort to come here, or if you are a little lazier, order on Deliveroo. The fast service takes on average 32 minutes to arrive at your door, and for the amazingly low prices, it is seriously so worth it.

Featured Image: Hannah Worthington / Epigram
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Hannah Worthington

Online Editor 2018/19 | Online Style Editor 2017/18 Undergraduate English and Theatre Student