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By Calum Bradshaw, InFilm Society Production Rep

The student-run filmmaking society and production company have only existed for just over a year and have produced some high quality short films and series.

It’s been a busy year for the student filmmakers of InFilm. Production has been rolling on a number of short scripts for the society’s Beginner Directors programme, as well as the anthology miniseries Fireworks, and the all-female produced Project Elephant film series. Here’s a rundown of their releases and upcoming projects as we come to the end of the academic year and the second annual InFilm Festival.

Fiver (10 minutes)

Available on: InFilm Youtube

Director: Ross Tatham
Writers: Clement Jochem and Kyle Borg
Producer: Clement Jochem
Director of Photography: Lawrence Pettifer
Assistant Director: Lotte Bull
Sound Recorder: Ruairi Hoskins
Editor: Connor Shine
Music: Fattah Bezaz

Fiver is a short film produced as part of the Beginner Director programme, which pairs first-time directors with a script and a rookie crew. This atmospheric piece tells the story of a young man who finds himself unexpectedly homeless and must spend a night on Bristol’s streets. The haunting original score by Fattah Bezzaz and Teddy Lambert drives the dark, brooding visuals to create a film with depth beyond its simple premise.

Long Haul (2 episodes, 10-15 minutes each)

Available on: InFilm Youtube

Still from Long Haul, 'Denial' | Photo credit: InFilm / Clement Jochem

Director: Miles Jackson
Writer: Miles Jackson
Producer: Isaac Sneade
Assistant Director: Elli Purse
Director of Photography: Clement Jochem
Sound recording: Will Rowe, Rhys McAteer
Makeup/Costume: Holly Cook
Casting Director: Holly Cook
Editor: Becky Orton
Soundtrack: Sam Herschmann
Best Boy: Sam Anglehides
Executive Producers: Alex Troman, Elli Purse, Clement Jochem, Sam Anglehides, Will Rowe

InFilm produces an annual miniseries, and Long Haul is the project the society focused on for the academic year 2017/18. This series, with five projected parts, charts the five stages of grief experienced by a flat of Bristol freshers when one of their number tragically dies. Denial and Depression are the two episodes currently released – the stark black-and-white cinematography of the latter marks some of the best work InFilm has produced to date.

Water (5 minutes)

Available on: InFilm Youtube

Director: Elli Purse
Writer: Elli Purse
Assistant Director: Maddie Bowers
Editor: Beck Orton
Sound Designer: Laura Rüßmann

Elli Purse’s directorial debut Water is a beautifully-shot surreal meditation on the feeling of being ‘okay’. This marks a departure from the character-based drama of Long Haul, instead opting for a Malick-ian, ethereal approach to filmmaking. Water is the first film from Project Elephant, InFilm’s all-female initiative, which has two more short films on the brink of release – Maladaptive (directed by Maddie Bowers) and All Lost in the Supermarket (directed by Maia Miller-Lewis and Jasmine Silk).

Epigram ran a feature on Water and Project Elephant earlier this year, and Purse said more recently: ‘It's my first film and it's about finally feeling things after a period of intense depression. It's pretty surreal and an all female crew and cast.’

Fireworks (3 episodes coming soon):

Director: Rhys McAteer

Written and directed by Rhys McAteer (Third Year, ), Fireworks is InFilm’s web series production for 2018/19. The three episodes in this anthology pull together disparate and eccentric characters to take a sideways, quirky look at life. Speaking to Epigram, Rhys said: ‘It has got big banter and it’s got miserable bits too. I am hoping it’ll be good so please watch it. If it’s not good then never mind. It won’t be as good as a proper film but I’ve had a try. One of them has got a puppet.’

InFilm Society are showing more of their works at their second annual festival on 7 June. Tickets available here.

Featured Image credit: InFilm / Clement Jochem

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