Easter Art? We've Got Great Eggspectations


By Alina Young, Arts Editor

Epigram Arts Editor Alina Young has gone on an eggs-traordinary Easter egg hunt through Instagram to bring you this truly cracking gallery-worthy eggshibition! From chocolate to sculptures, there's something to tickle everyone's fancy this Easter.

Impressionist Egg

Tasteful, whimsical, pastel – what’s not to love in this Impressionist egg? Move over Turner, this sunset is far sweeter.

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Production day #eastereggs

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The Egg-Next-Door

Bristol’s very own Zara’s Chocolates found in Southville – awarded the city’s best local confectioner 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2018 – has been busy crafting a variety of stunning eggs which will get you drooling. Salted caramel eggs encased in a mixed chocolate lattice anyone?

Enviable Egg

She’s under-stated, she’s well put together, she wears all black; the kind of egg you’d try to emulate, but the effect turns out more shabby than chic.

Environmental Egg

Delicious and DIY, these vegan chocolate eggs come with a recipe that will make you the most popular kid at Eggstinction Rebellion.

Modern Art Egg

À la Pollock? Klimt? It’s abstract art, so you decide! In true modern style, the artist leaves it open for interpretation (and over-indulgence).

Crafty Egg

Who knew red onions, a pair of tights and some leaves are all you need to create stunning, naturally-dyed eggs at home? Why not try this yourself this Easter!

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As a child I thought our eggs were so lifeless and lame. All I wanted were the bright coloured eggs like the Easter Bunny. Now that I'm older I'm so happy my mom showed me her childhood method. I appreciate the beauty of them now. . . 🐰Peel about 10 red onions worth and add just enough water to cover in a pot. Bring to a boil and simmer for 10 mins. 🐰Cut pantyhose and tie it closed on one side with thread. Dip a leaf in water and place on a white egg then wrap the pantyhose around the egg tight! Tie off the other end. 🐰Place eggs in pot with a mild simmer for 15 mins. Once done run eggs under cold water to reduce head and quickly cut the pantyhose sacks and remove leaf. 🐰Let them sit in cold water for 5 minutes to cool completely.

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Posh Egg

Never one to settle for less, Waitrose have opted for a modern geometric style egg in a bid to have eggs more aesthetic than your average treat. They’re also sprayed with a golden shimmer, accompanied by gianduja chocolates, that are literally cut like diamonds, so if only the fanciest egg will do – voilà.

“This is Contemporary Art” Egg

Moving away from chocolate, sculptor Gavin Turk has installed a two metre egg on the River Terrace of Somerset House in London, but the artwork doesn’t end there: he’s also collecting visitors’ Instagram selfies with the egg to compile into an exhibition. If that’s not multimedia, interactive, and down-with-the-kids Easter fun, I don’t know what is. #Contemporary #art.

(Featured Image Credits: Unsplash / Bee Felten-Leidel)

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