SW Sound #3/ Epsilon Blue


By Lauren Paddison, First year Music

'It was clear from the beginning that we were all of the same mind set to make great music together', Epsilon Blue feature in Epigram Music's South West Sound series.

Founded just after the haze of freshers week, we pretty much started rehearsing straight away. We had only just met, and our first practice was new in every sense. It was clear from the beginning that we were all of the same mind set- to truly recreate and make great music together.

Inspired by arguably the 20th centuries most memorable decade, we set out to bring the 80s to Bristol. Our first gig was in Bristol’s much loved ‘The White Rabbit’ in which we brought some of the 80s biggest tunes to the stage with our extensive 10 member band. We hope to return and play more venues around Bristols music scene, whilst refining our sound and honouring some truly great music.

‘I am absolutely loving where this band is going especially having developed a band formula which really compliments the 80s genre. We will continue to entertain at various different venues across Bristol while adding new songs to what is already a very versatile set. My main goal for this band is to organise a full retro 80s night complete with costume, decoration and of course many 80s classics. Since I formed the band in fresher’s week it has been a pleasure to work such a fantastic group of people not only as musicians but as great friends as well and celebrate what is the best genre of music’- Joe Goodlad, founder of Epsilon Blue.

Featured Image: Epsilon Blue/ Epsilon Blue

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