Review: Mockingbird cafe


By Nicole Abou-abdallah, Epigram Food Online Editor

Situated in the quiet location of Alma Vale road, Mockingbird cafe is a simple yet humble brunch-spot in Clifton.

In order to secure a cheap yet hearty brunch, I stumbled upon the Mockingbird cafe after browsing through the 'Wriggle' app. This app offers plenty of weekday and weekend deals on food, drink, and entertainment for a limited window in the day!

The Wriggle deal costed me £5.50, and consisted of a choice of veggie dishes between 1:30pm and 4:00pm on a Saturday. The options included were a sweet potato hash with baked egg; smashed avocado and goats cheese; and mushroom and cheese on sourdough.

I opted for the roasted sweet potato hash, with onion, garlic, and pepper with a baked egg on top. This was a hearty and filling choice, full of flavour and warmth. The portion size was generous and the taste was not a let down!

Image: Epigram Food/ Nicole Abou-abdallah

On top of the great food, the staff were very welcoming and explained all of the menu choices to detail. The cafe was bright and allowed sunshine to flood through, making it an overall pleasant brunch experience.

Featured image: Epigram Food/ Nicole Abou-abdallah

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