Spring has sprung: 7 ways to enjoy the sun before the exam period


By Claire Hargreaves, Fourth Year French and German

Spring has sprung! Or so says the Met Office, who declare the start of the spring as the 20th March, the Spring Equinox. So, we should be able to start looking forward to odd brighter day or two – in amongst the classic, British spring weather, of course, with clouds aplenty and April showers surely beckoning.

But with daffodils pushing their way up and trees coming out in stunning blossom, spring is most definitely in the air. And if we are set for another stifling heatwave like we experienced last summer in Britain, we should hold onto spring for as long as we can. Sunny spells but manageable temperatures which don’t leave you sweaty on your walk to uni mean that it is refreshing and cheery rather than suffocating and soul-destroying to leave the house.
However, exams are just around the corner after the Easter break, which means that we are in the final period of being able to fully enjoy uni without the stress of revision and the need to spend most of our time inside in front of a computer. So make sure you make the most of spring before it will be time to swap spring flowers and Easter eggs for those fluorescent flashcards and highlighter pens.

Featured Image: Niamh Rowe

'So make sure you make the most of spring before it will be time to swap spring flowers and Easter eggs for those fluorescent flashcards and highlighter pens.'

With the unseasonably warm period we experienced in February not making itself the new normal,the temperatures and overcast skies outside might not generate a lot of enthusiasm, but the wealth of outdoor activities just a stone’s throw away from the university mean it would be a shame not to take
a break from lectures and assessments to get a breath of fresh air, especially for those in their final year, soon to be leaving the city.

With that in mind, here are seven top ways to enjoy the spring season in Bristol:
  1. Take a calming walk along the Harbourside, starting by the Watershed and going up to SS Great Britain and back.Stop for a refreshing coffee or drink at one of the cafes or bars along the way; there are plenty where you can sit inside and enjoy the relaxing views of the water if it is still a bit too chilly to sit outside


Featured Image: Jasmine Burke

  1. With the river in mind, there are a number of boat trips you can go on, to take in the city from the water. Perfect for when families visit or for when you just need a bit of tranquillity in your life. Most trips last up to an hour and cost just a few pounds, departing from various points along the river

  2. On those sunnier days, have lunch outside on the Royal Fort Gardens, or up to Brandon Hill if you’ve got a bit of extra time to spare getting there. The green space on Victoria Square is another good spot if you’re based in Clifton or the SU.


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  1. As Easter draws closer, an egg hunt is obligatory - in your garden if you’re lucky enough to have one, or else inside, since most student flats and houses in Bristol have plenty of quirky nooks and crannies in them.

  2. There are a wealth of beer gardens in Bristol, with plenty of them being conveniently located within a short walk of the university. Try the classics on Cotham Hill and St Michael’s Hill, or branch out and take a trip down to the area around King’s Street for pub gardens and terraces.

  3. Free for Bristol Uni students, stroll around the Botanical Gardens in Stoke Bishop as the flowers begin to come out in bloom.


Featured Image: Jasmine Burke

  1. If it’s been on your bucket list for a while, make the journey to Ashton Court for a walk around its grounds. Even on a slightly overcast day, it’s a beautiful spot to enjoy with friends or family. Equally, take a trip to Blaise Castle Estate to take in the history and nature it offers all in one go!

Featured Image: Niamh Rowe

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