Dye me a river: embrace your natural hair colour


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By Euan Merrilees, First Year Philosophy

It is time to stop it with the bright dyed hair and instead embrace your natural colour.

For better or worse, those with luminous hair roam the streets of Bristol.

Be it the aqua blue of the Weeb YouTuber, the bright pink of the Lazy Town variety, or the lime tennis ball green that acts as camouflage in buildings catered by Source, I never saw the appeal of bright dyed hair.

My harsh words might be unjust and inflammatory.

Maybe it is just me letting out a long-held prejudice ever since Stephanie from Lazy Town called me a fascist for quoting Adam Smith.

Maybe it is me jealous of those entitled to a phase of rebellion after missing out on mine. Who knows?

However, it begs the question: what is wrong about one’s root hair colour?

It makes sense that dyeing your hair is an expression of one’s self, but what about our natural expression? Shouldn’t we be proud of that?

I find the concept of Ginger Society inspirational! A whole society dedicated to the just and natural pride of having hair of a certain colour. It is the balance between empty vanity and lack of self worth: just pride in who we are.

If we change our appearance to the luminous degree, are we not trying to change who we are?

Doesn’t this make us unhappy? Wouldn’t we be a whole lot happier if we are proud of who we are?

I am not saying that we should not work to change something that we dislike about ourselves, but maybe dyeing our hair should be an option we consider much later - and after we see a nice stylist.

All in all, I do not dislike those with luminous hair, but it makes me think why can’t we be ourselves, for we can be no one else?

Featured image: Unsplash/Nathan Dumlo

Do you think the popularity of dyed hair reflects a desire to change your self-identity?

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